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Moving Tips





The Day before Moving

  • Wash and dry all dishes for packing.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and take all unwanted medication to your chemist for proper disposal.
  • Decide what items you want packed together, for example all your linen, or children's toys, and group these items together for the removalists.
  • Check all your drawers and remove any heavy items, liquids or breakables.
  • Remove all food from your refrigerator and freezer. Defrost both compartments and wipe the interiors dry, then leave them for 24 hours to air. Check with their manufacturers whether the motor needs to be bolted down for transport, and arrange for this if necessary. Pack your refrigerator shelving and crispers separately.
  • To prepare your washing machine for removal, disconnect from the water supply and check with the manufacturer (or your removalist) for advice.
  • If you have a waterbed that needs to be moved, it should be drained and the base dismantled. Once again, check with the manufacturer (or your removalist) for details.

  • Make a final check of all cupboards and storage areas to ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Plan your moving day so that you're sure of what is your responsibility and what will be your removalist's responsibility.

On the Day of Your Move


  • As soon as the removals crew arrives, tell them whether they can park their vehicles in your driveway whilst they are being packed. The same applies for the new location you are moving to.
  • Tell the removals crew what items you will need first on your arrival, as they will pack these items last for transport.
  • Arrange for any small children to be kept out of the removalist's way.
  • Be on hand when the removalists arrive. If you can't be there in person, please arrange for someone to take your place.
  • Check that nothing has been left lying around in your garden.
  • Remain on the premises until everything has been packed and loaded for transport.
  • Turn off all taps.
  • Check that the gas and electrical switches are turned off, and that your phone has been disconnected.
  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • The real thing that will save you a lot of money is be organised on the day and have everything pack up with all boxes tape at the top and bottom. The least small bits and pieces on the day will speed things up. It all comes down to how many times we as the removalist have to go back and forward to the truck. Its not the large items that take the time its the small bits and pieces.



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